3 pizza joints that scream True New York City

New York City; the big apple where a clash of cultures has given fruit to a food revolution of the highest order: You can find just about anything, anytime, anyplace. Hungry for Chinese after a hard day’s work? Try the Famous Sichuan. Craving a burger after a heavy night of drinking? Try

But, you’re not experiencing the true New-Yorker style of being a foodie without trying the most famous style of pizza in the world probably: The New York Slice. Here are 3 pizza joints that a true New-Yorker can’t get enough of:


⦁ Nino’s Pizza
Probably one of the oldest pizza joints still belonging to the family that started it, Nino’s Pizza has been serving the New York slice for 55 years now. It all started Nino Maltese, an Italian immigrant who worked as cook ever since immigrating to America. 10 years after, in 1966, he had a simple idea: Opening up a pizza joint in Landsdale to serve an honest-to-God slice of pizza pie: thin crust, tomato sauce and mozzarella. That’s all there’s to it. Delicious, rich, and the perfect bite of lunch. Beyond the classic slice, you can have “The Grandma” and “The Sicilian”.


⦁ Sam’s Italian Cuisine

If you feel like experiencing the rich history of Italian food in New York, that hasn’t changed for almost a century, Sam’s is the place to go. The place looks like it’s been in a time bubble: the furniture, the walls, the flowers and lightning all give purpose to that old school feel you get when you walk in. It’s truly one of the remaining jewels of classic New York style slice of pizza. Weirdly enough, if you’re craving sea food while there, the clams are the best thing on the menu! You know, besides the pizza...


⦁ Paulie Gee’s
In the heart of Brooklyn, you’ll find the place that does a Neapolitan style of pizza making; a method that’s been used for thousands of years in Italy. It’s romantic! The best pizza you can have there, the classic pepperoni, has got it all: the thin-crust-tomato sauce-mozzarella combination, topped with Italian pepperoni and a sprinkle of honey-sweet hot sauce for that nice spicy kick. Bring your date over, share a slice. You’ll thank Paulie Gee’s later.


Image By Free-Photos from Pixabay


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