Things Not to Do in London…

So you have decided to visit London to visit some of the famous historical landmarks? Perhaps you are there just to breathe in the culture. Whatever your reasons, there are some things you should NEVER do while you are visiting London. Here are just some of them:

Tube and Rush Hour Make A Bad Combo
Yes, it is tempting. But it will also require you to go through a bit of a hassle. If you can, don’t get on the tube between 7:30 to 9.30 am. Also avoid it between 5.00 to 7.00 pm. It is just too congested, especially if you live in a less populated area. However, if you do get on it, you’ll see just how uncomfortable the people are to make eye contact. The British are reserved…in their own way.

Be Mindful of Where You Stand
It might not be that big of a deal where you are coming from, but in the London Underground, if you stand on the left side of an escalator, you will regret it. The left is only for walking. The right is for standing. So don’t get your lefts and rights mixed up. If you do, you’ll earn yourself a lot of disapproving British stares.

Try Not to Be Too Friendly
The British folks are a bit reserved, the stereotype is kind of true. So if you want to talk to someone who is minding their own business, perhaps give it a second thought. That is not to say you don’t speak to the Brits at all. Talking to the locals is part of the trip. However, assess the situation. Talking to someone on the subway might not be a good idea. Talking to someone in a pub is another thing. Sometimes folks go there to drink and have a good time. You can be friendly there.

Don’t Just Pause
London is a busy city. It is always on the go. Even if you want to snap a picture of the Tower of London, or the Buckingham Palace, you might want to do that at a safe distance. If you stop in the middle of the road to take a picture, it will not be well-received by the people. In fact, that is one of the best ways to irritate a Londoner. The city does not stop for anyone. And if you pause right in the middle. Well, you are going to pause the traffic of a city which loves to move.

Aim for Less Expensive Tourist Spots
It’s easy to get caught up in seeing overpriced attractions like the London Dungeons. Instead, you should aim for something relatively cheaper and…free. Like the works of Da Vinci at the National Gallery. Don’t get on the London eye. It is expensive, and you can catch the same view from the Sky Garden. So be smarter about how you spend your money.

So, you are now ready for your trip to London. Keep the above things in mind, and you will be good to go!

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