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As you can see here at trockit, by default you can see on your wall all posts, including posts of those that you are not friends with.
What would you prefer?

To keep seeing posts of people you don't follow (you's will be seen also)
To see posts only from friends (your posts will be seen from friends only)
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hi, is the minimum withdrawal here is $50?, Actually and to be honest it's really hard to reach that amount before we can enable request our payout It's more better when they reduced the minimum withdrawal thereshold into $20 or even $15 so that more people and users would join on this platform, I think it's not only me struggling

hi, I'm a new user here just wanted to ask if this cite really pays or or not? I'm just curious because I didn't see any payment proofs under this cite and if this was really paying can you provide to me an evidence ? pls answer my question, I'm not claiming a negativity with this post I'm just curious and waiting for an answer thankyou 😊💖

We changed the earnings system from Tokens into USD.
This means that now you will earn USD and you will be able to withdraw via PayPal or convert your USD into Trockits, when you reach certain amount.
This does not mean that we are giving up on our token. We are actually making it stronger.
All your earnings are now converted from TROCKITS to USD but still there are some changes that need to be done in order to display correctly.
New exiting news are comming very soon including Android and IOS apps.
Thank you for your patience
Trockit Team