The german town where rent is only 1 euro!

Fuggerei, is a small town located in Germany and seems like the ideal for anyone who wants to start a new life, away from the noise, smog and also spending.

The local media say that the rent in this zone haven't changed since 1521, and it is only 0.88 euro.

Fuggerei is a town in Augsburg in Bavaria, which has only 67 houses, 142 apartments, a church and the administrative palace. Fuggerei reaches 15,000 square meters and is close to the center of Augsburger.

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Referring to the history of this town it is said that it was built in 1521 by Jakob Fugger and from that time began to be populated. Jakob then became quite wealthy as he engaged in the metal trade and through economic agreements. And then he decided to create the community.


Until today Fuggurei is still the place with the lowest rent, and it is affordable by anyone. 


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