Beaches in Phuket!

Let's run away from the cold and go to an Island where we drink coconut water and get some sunshine!

When people think of paradise I am sure they think of beaches on Phuche. It's from the very interesting food and drinks, the elegancy of everything they design to the end of  course big beach parties.
These beaches are perfect for relaxing in the day and partying hard in the night. It really depends on what you're preferences are. And do not worry. They've got around 30 beaches from which you can choose! 

It's hard to write about all of them in here, but I'll try to highlight five of the best reviewed beaches. 

1. Bang Tao Beach


Bang To beach, Is 6 km long making it the longest beaches in Phuket. 
The hotels are mostly at the southern end while the northern is mostly peaceful and qiet. So if you are interested on partying and enjoying some fun time, then you should stay at the southern ends of hotels, while northen is usually prefered by family's or people interested on just reading a book and enjoying the waves of the sea. 




2. Freedom Beach 


It's like a hidden beach. It has clear water and white soft sand. So clear because that's why people choose it. Of course, to see the fishes and the underwater life that we might miss on other beaches. You  have small restaurants that serve Tai food and you can rent your table and chairs for the day, and enjoy the stay. 





This is the beach where every pub and nightlife dream, that you might have seen in movies or thought about trying once in a lifetime, come true. So many pubs and bars that this is a beach that never stops. Partying in day time and in nightime. A must try, I must say :).






4. Had Karon Noi

Known for it's clear waters and white sand, it also has coconut trees which create a perfect shade and a view that we all would like to open our eyes too. Just to know that this beach is a private beach, and that's why probably it's so elegant still. 




5. Siam Beach 

What makes this place even more interesting then the rest it's that it has rocks all over the place, and you might actually get out of the typical trees everywhere. And enjoy something different. 









If you are thinking on visiting Phuket Beaches these days are the days to. It's know for it's calming waves till May. 
And who wouldn't enjoy a little run away from the cold to a warm and sunny place :) 

Anne Jackson

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